Research & SESAR

Together with our partners, we are developing innovative technologies and operational procedures, providing unique simulation capabilities to deliver improved network performance and to contribute to aviation’s global interoperability.  14 million flights are expected in 2035 in Europe alone, so better performance is essential in maintaining the smooth flow of air traffic.

The ambitious SESAR 2020 programme plays a major role in achieving this goal. The programme demonstrates the viability of solutions which have already been developed and promotes high-performance, integrated European aviation. As a co-founder of the SESAR Joint Undertaking, fully supporting the Single European Sky, we have recently renewed our involvement in the programme.  

In partnership, we provide air traffic management expertise to all SESAR industrial research projects and very large scale demonstrations. These projects cover the airport, en-route & TMA and trajectory management areas, as well as the network management and infrastructure aspects required to facilitate operational projects. We lead those projects which are dedicated to pan-European network performance.

In addition we provide active guidance and support to academia and research organisations for exploratory research.

With our unique expertise, knowledge and capabilities as an independent and neutral pan-European technical air traffic management organisation, we help deliver the Single European Sky vision, supporting the interests of the European network as a whole.

Latest news

The 19th meeting of the joint EUROCONTROL-FAA International GBAS Working Group (I-GWG/19) concludes that Europe needs to intensify support for GBAS CAT III certification .

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