The digital backbone for the Single European Sky

The A6 Alliance of air navigation service providers and EUROCONTROL have launched a joint initiative to establish a “digital backbone” to underpin the Europe-wide systems and technology developments supporting the move towards a Single European Sky (SES).

Together we have issued a White Paper exploring how a shared data exchange infrastructure can be set up by the European ATM industry, and we are looking to initiate an inclusive industry-wide discussion among operational stakeholders on how best to achieve it.

The SES digital backbone (SDB) would underpin the essential data exchange infrastructure to create an overarching framework for the wide range of SES implementation projects.

Initially, it is proposed to build on the successful NewPENS approach to expand this to other key systems projects such as Data-Link and System Wide Information Management (SWIM) common components and ensuring interoperability support.

The White Paper highlights the importance of coordinating important decisions such as how stakeholders can access operations-grade information and which technologies are introduced to the SDB and when. It advocates that effective set-up, operation and evolution of the SDB require the input of all operational stakeholders.

Stakeholder feedback needed

Stakeholders from across the industry are, therefore, invited to consider the White Paper on the setting-up of a collaborative governance of the digital backbone for the Single European Sky available below and provide their feedback.


SES digital backbone team

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