Weather Information Exchange Model (WXXM)

Building on the philosophy of the Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) Strategy, EUROCONTROL demonstrated a first public release of the Weather Exchange Model (WXXM) in May 2007.The WXXM is part of a family of platform (technology) independent, harmonized and interoperable information exchange models designed to cover the information needs of ATM. This first release WXXM is a proof of concept for the exchange of a limited set of ICAO Annex 3 type of products. During the second half of 2007, the scope of weather information exchange was broadened and the first draft release of the overarching Weather Exchange Conceptual Model (WXCM) was build.

The WXCM is developed in close cooperation with all the stakeholders. For that purpose, a working group is set up which has a concise number of experts representing ATM users, MET providers, other ANS providers and Industry. Arrangements are made to guarantee efficient coordination with WMO, ICAO and the FAA on harmonising efforts performed within the MET data exchange domain.

Version 1.1 of the WXCM, the WXXM and a schema (WXXS) is available for considerations by the various interests groups. it includes an intensified FAA-EUROCONTROL cooperation on a harmonised pan-Atlantic approach towards Weather Information Modelling.

More details are available on the specialized WXXM-website.

Consultation with Stakeholders on WXCM/WXXM

All material from WXCM/WXXM workshops, the support documents for the WXCM/WXXM Workshop and documentation on the models itself are available at the WXCM OneSky Teams Library.