Terrain and Obstacle Data (Phase 2 P-13 P-14)

ICAO Annex 15 on Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) lays down the requirements for the publication of electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (TOD).

States have to make sure that electronic TOD is available and that it conforms to stringent digital requirements established for the four distinct areas in which aeronautical information services (AIS) are provided:

  • Area 1: the entire territory of a State;
  • Area 2: within the vicinity of an aerodrome;
  • Area 3: the area bordering an aerodrome movement area;
  • Area 4: the radio altimeter operating area runway, category II or III.

Guidance material on eTOD

In order to help ECAC States implement the Annex 15 requirements for TOD, EUROCONTROL created the Terrain and Obstacle Data Working Group (TOD WG). This Group developed a Terrain and Obstacle Data (TOD) Manual to help official bodies publish electronic terrain and obstacle data (eTOD).

The manual is aimed at bodies involved in the origination, processing and provision of eTOD.

In order to validate and consolidate this manual, EUROCONTROL commissioned a feasibility study for putting eTOD into practice. The study’s findings and recommendations, agreed upon by a consortium of French and Swiss air navigation service providers and regulators, are available in the Pilot Study Report.

TOD Manual   Study Report

EUROCONTROL will continue updating the TOD manual based on lessons learned as the requirements are progressively implemented. So that we can make sure that the document meets stakeholder needs, it is important that you bring any comments, issues and suggestions to our attention - especially if there are matters that you consider have not been properly addressed.


All documentation from the meetings of the TOD WG, its deliverables, relevant TOD news and discussions can be found on the collaborative workspace of the TOD WG in OneSky Teams (OST). Accessing the TOD OST page requires that you are registered to OneSky Online. 

State actions on electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD) and the European ATM Master Plan

The implementation objective INF07 — Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD) was introduced to help States establish a robust framework to ensure that electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (TOD) is published in good time. This objective is part of the operational improvement steps that stakeholders agreed to take.

A key line of action for states under the INF07 is the establishment of a jointly agreed national TOD policy and implementation programme for regulators, in close coordination with ANSPs, airport operators and other organisations or relevant bodies (REG01 ‘Establish National TOD policy’).

To help State Regulators develop such a TOD policy, EUROCONTROL has drawn up a National TOD Policy template, with the support of the TOD and ADQ Regulators Working Groups.


Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)

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