SysTem for AirPort noise Exposure Studies (STAPES)

EUROCONTROL has developed STAPES (the SysTem for AirPort noise Exposure Studies), a multi-airport noise modelling system capable of providing valuable input into both European and international policy-making analyses, including, in particular, ICAO’s Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP). This development was performed under contract to the European Commission, with technical support from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the United Kingdom's Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA). STAPES is fully compliant with the best practice modelling guidance provided by both ECAC Doc.29 3rd Edition and ICAO Document 9911. STAPES was recommended for use within ICAO CAEP policy assessments; this recommendation was subsequently endorsed by the CAEP Steering Group in June 2009.

STAPES includes up-to-date information for 44 European airports, which represent a large part of the European population exposed to significant noise levels within the ECAC region, hence ensuring that future modelling assessments are robust enough to support informed policy-making. In particular, STAPES is successfully contributing to the noise assessments of CAEP future policies on the European region, with significantly more accurate results than at any previous occasion.

STAPES and its associated airport database are jointly owned by EUROCONTROL, the European Commission and EASA. It is operated on dedicated servers hosted at EUROCONTROL and is only accessible by the above organisations. However, the core noise calculation module of STAPES is now available for external users, as part of the IMPACT web-based noise and emissions modelling platform developed by EUROCONTROL. 


For further information about STAPES, please contact: Laurent Cavadini