Route per State Overflown (RSO) distance tool

The Route per State Overflown (RSO) distance tool is an application allowing airspace users to calculate the chargeable distance of a flight plan and obtain an estimate of the route charges they will incur when operating flights within the EUROCONTROL charging area. This estimate does not take into account elements such as VAT and exemptions. The tool can store preferred routes, thus enabling quick recalculation when tariffs change.


The tool is provided free of charge.

(17,6 MB; zip)


  • after download, unzip the archive (you may require a decompression programme like 7zip or WinRAR).
  • run the Setup program located in the root directory of the path selected for decompression.
  • do not forget to check the option box "Use folder names" in the "Extract" dialog box.
  • read the info.txt file for further installation instructions.

Using the tool

Before making any calculation, the following two documents need to be updated to ensure correct results.

The following instructions document explains how to import these two documents and provides an example of a Route Charges estimation.


For a standard installation under Windows and in order to ensure that the tool uses the latest area boundaries download the below file “Charge Area Boundary Model.txt”, copy and replace it in C:\Program Files\Eurocontrol\RSO Distance Tool\4.0 folder.

Download Model

Once properly installed, the tool will provide you with:

  • the total charge in euro, excluding any applicable Value Added Tax,
  • the distances flown and amounts by Member State of EUROCONTROL


If you are experiencing any issues or you have questions take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact us:


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