pTracker - AIS Publication postal delivery time tracking tool

Each Contracting State shall take all necessary measures to ensure that the aeronautical information/data it provides ..., is adequate, of required quality and timely... - ICAO Annex 15 to Chicago Convention

pTracker is a web-based tool created as a part of AIRAC Adherence campaign which aims for the diminishment and potentially eradication of AIRAC non-adherence.

It was designed to allow the individual State AIS to assess and analyse the required time for postal delivery of publications and to monitor the adherence to the AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control) System.

Each State AIS announces their publication in pTracker (Publication Type, No, Effective and Dispatch Dates). The recipients of the publications log the date when the respective publication has been received. Finally each AIS can monitor the arrival time of AIS products and the time required for postal delivery.

If, due to postal (or other) delays, AIRAC AIP Amendments or Supplements are not received at least 28 days in advance of the AIRAC effective date, the recipient will report this to the originating AIS.
It is the duty of the originating AIS to investigate the reason for the delay and take remedial action as required.

2.6.17 - ICAO DOC8126 "AIS Manual"

A limited access (read-only) to pTracker is offered to all AIS AGORA members. Participation to pTracker, announcement of publications and provision of reception dates, require additional access rights that can be requested at the contact below.