PRISMIL service

The PRISMIL service is a civil-military performance monitoring system that facilitates the combined performance monitoring of civil-military airspace management processes in a transparent and consistent way. PRISMIL is a single source of comprehensive and integrated high-quality information on the civil and military utilisation of shared airspace.

The Business Intelligence solution facilitates, in a user-friendly way, performance measurement, monitoring, analysis, benchmarking, reporting and reviews at national, FAB or pan-European levels. A PRISMIL performance dashboard allows users to personalise the layout in accordance with their individual needs.


PRISMIL’s key functions

  • data collection and integration from different data sources;
  • aggregation of national, FAB and EU performance indicators;
  • online data querying and interactive reporting;
  • multi-dimensional view of ASM performance;
  • integration of performance measurements;
  • combined use of civil and military performance indicators;
  • data access control.

PRISMIL is a single system to fit everyone. It utilises existing national systems as a data source. As a consequence, there is no additional cost for the stakeholders.


PRISMIL service and stakeholders

The PRISMIL service is available to all EUROCONTROL stakeholders on a voluntary basis. It is a tailored activity supporting civil and military stakeholders in the implementation of the SES performance scheme and the FUA concept. Since the applied solution optimises the resources available on both national and EUROCONTROL levels, PRISMIL is a service which – for EUROCONTROL’s Member States – can be provided without additional cost to stakeholders.


Data confidentiality

Data access is on a need-to-know basis defined by the States. The security covers all levels of PRISMIL information.

Goran Redzepovic

PRISMIL Programme Manager

Marie-Pierre Balcaen

PRISMIL Project Manager