Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Approach Map tool

Current version - 1.3, dated 17 August 2016.

This EUROCONTROL Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Approach Map tool illustrates the deployment of PBN instrument approach procedures against objectives set in the ICAO Assembly Resolution 37-11 and the European Regulation on PBN (including the PCP IR and the future EC regulation on PBN – publication planned in 2017 based on EASA Opinion 10/2016 dated 02/08/2016). PBN approaches include instrument approach procedure compliant with the following navigation specifications of the PBN Manual (ICAO doc 9613):


The tool is feature-rich, providing information about:

  • Deployment progress since 2012 based on actual publications,
  • Future deployment trends based on publication plans communicated to EUROCONTROL and ICAO,
  • The availability of PBN approaches with vertical guidance (APV) on all runway ends or on runway ends without precision landing (e.g. ILS, MLS or GBAS),
  • Deployment status for ECAC, individual countries, PCP airports and individual airports.


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