Local And sub-Regional Airspace Management support system

LARA (Local And sub-Regional Airspace Management support system) is a software package designed under the supervision of EUROCONTROL to support and enhance the airspace management process. Using this system provides the now 18 participating States with an enhanced Civil-Military Air Traffic Management (ATM) performance and, at the same time, enables compliance with common rules for the Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) regulation (articles 5.3 and 6.2 of Commission Regulation (EC) No 2150/2005).

Its functionality encompasses all phases of airspace management –from long-term event planning to airspace management prior to the day of operation and real-time coordination of airspace activation processes.

LARA provides a user-friendly interface for online airspace reservations; it enables transparent coordination and maximises task automation, enhancing situational awareness and improving flight safety.

The system is designed to be highly configurable in order to comply with national procedures.

In addition the capability of connecting neighbouring LARA systems allows for seamless cross-border coordination between different States and facilitates. Interfaces to Air Traffic Control (ATC) Systems, Flow Management and Network Management systems make for greatly improved collaborative decision-making.

LARA web services support very flexible data exchange for a variety of purposes and on a wide range of devices. The data exchange is stored on a server and is easily retrievable for national statistics purposes on the use of airspace and for the purpose of the Pan-European Repository of Information Supporting Civil-Military Key Performance Indications (PRISMIL).

LARA’s development and its requirements are based on operational best practices and are driven by its users.


LARA’s flexible architecture supports three main modules

The Local And sub-Regional ASM support system (LARA) has been designed and developed taking into consideration the requirements defined by the SES legislation geared towards improving European aviation system performance and sustainability.

In order to assist States with their obligation for verification of compliance of LARA with the interoperability Regulation, EUROCONTROL has produced a document which is delivered to LARA users with the official LARA release. It offers the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) a basis to develop the required Declaration of Verification (DoV) and the accompanying technical file.

A study has also been carried out to map the particular provisions of the SES Regulation which are met once LARA is implemented.

Our role

We provide the licence to use this software package to its stakeholders and, in special circumstances, other states and international organisations. We also maintain it in order to ensure the quality of its functions.


A service free of charge

The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for the LARA Software are owned by EUROCONTROL and can therefore be provided to all EUROCONTROL and ECAC Member States at no additional cost. States are responsible for providing the input data, data communication lines and suitable hardware. All users are requested to sign a Service Level Agreement which includes a licence agreement.

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This project is supported by the European Commission's Trans-European Transport Network programme (TEN-T) which dedicates financial support towards the realisation of important transport infrastructure projects - in line with the overreaching goal of European competitiveness, job creation and cohesion.

LARA Support team

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