This web page provides an overview of the ongoing work to define and implement the concept of the Flight Object in Europe.

What is the Flight Object?

The ‘Flight Object’ (FO) is a concept to support the sharing of consistent flight data between all stakeholders. Its purpose is to ensure that all systems have a consistent view of the flight, and that the data is widely and easily available, subject to appropriate access controls.

The fundamental idea is that a single logical entity, the FO is kept up to date by all parties wishing to share information about a flight. All parties use the FO as a reference and all keep it updated with the latest information, thereby ensuring that all systems have the most up to date and consistent view of the flight data.

Conceptually the FO is intended to hold all ATM related flight data pertaining to individual flights that needs to be shared between any interested stakeholder: Civil ATC, Military ATC, Flow Management Systems, Airport Operators, Aircraft Operators and Aircraft Systems.


The purpose of ICAO Doc 9965 is to present a concept for the Flight and Flow Information for a Collaborative Environment (FF-ICE) to be implemented during the time frame through 2025.

FF-ICE illustrates information for flow management, flight planning, and trajectory management associated to the ATM operational components. It will be used by the ATM community, as the basis from which ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) will be developed, in order to ensure that the FF-ICE Concept can be implemented globally in a consistent way.

More information

The links below provide more comprehensive information on the objectives and deliverables of the Flight Object: