Episode 3

The European Commission launched the Episode 3 Project under its Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). The Agency was a main contributor to the project via the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre (EEC).

Episode 3 explored key aspects of the SESAR concept to provide advice to the SJU on research methodologies appropriate for SESAR, some high level assessment of expected benefits, and to highlight areas of the concept where more research was needed to establish feasibility and performance improvements.

Main deliverables

Episode 3 output focused mainly on:

  • the detailing of SESAR concept
  • operability results on key SESAR concept elements
  • further recommendations regarding: the strategy for integrated validation, the documentation to support industrialisation, safety and environmental issues and the fine tuning of the performance framework to support ECAC-wide assessments


The Episode 3 Project targeted the 2020 time frame with a final delivery achieved in 2009. The work looked at improvements implemented within SESAR Implementation Package 2 (IP2). Technology assessments are however focused on a shorter-term time frame, (Capability Level 2 of IP2).


including many organisations participating in SESAR, and covering all aspects of the system from strategic and tactical planning through to air traffic control and airport operations. There were 25 partners representing air navigation service providers, industry, research establishments and academia. A total budget of €19 million was made available to the project to which the 6th Framework Programme of the European Community for Research and Development contributed a grant of €9.97 million.