Digital NOTAM data model

To implement Digital NOTAM, a comprehensive computer model for aeronautical information is needed.The Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) version 5.1 is one such model, developed in cooperation between EUROCONTROL and FAA. This is an evolution of earlier AIXM versions, which are used in practice in the European AIS Database (EAD), for the central database and locally in States that are connected system-to-system.

AIXM version 5.1 is a complex development that will support not only Digital NOTAM, but also:
- Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) Mandate implementation;
- Electronic obstacle databases;
- Airspace Data Repository of DMEAN;
- ATM Reference Model of SESAR.
AIXM has also been chosen by the ICOG industrial partners to support the provision of the static environment data and is increasingly being adopted worldwide;

AIXM is also suitable for the encoding of real-time information that is currently not even published by NOTAM, because of too short lifespan, e.g. the immediate closure of a TWY can be encoded with AIXM 5.1 and be made available by data link to the interested parties in real time, including the airplanes on the platform, if this is operationally necessary.

More information about AIXM 5.1 is available on a dedicated website maintained jointly by EUROCONTROL and the FAA.