Civil-Military ATM Co-ordination Tool (CIMACT)

The CIMACT is a reliable and cost-effective operational software package supporting the improvement of civil-military coordination and security. It enhances the safety of air navigation in line with the Single European Sky and paves the way towards the European wide application of the Flexible Use of Airspace concept with new opportunities for improving civil/military cooperation.

EUROCONTROL is in charge of providing the licence to use this software package to its stakeholders (and, in special circumstances, other states and international organisations) and maintaining it in order to ensure the quality of its functions.


CIMACT integrates civil and military air traffic information to provide the user with a comprehensive overview of the air situation.

CIMACT is developed as a common co-ordination system to exchange information between civil and military units where the current system does not support this exchange. Operational since 1995, it is capable of processing in real-time a variety of inputs such as radar data, track data (e.g. ARTAS), positional data, flight plan sources etc. CIMACT displays this processed air situation using standard PC screens or Air Traffic Control displays. It also has basic ATC functionalities and enables cross-border coordination.

Benefits to States

Apart from the benefits described above, CIMACT can support  Member States ensure that the relevant controlling military units and air traffic services units exchange any modification of the planned activation of airspace in a timely and effective manner and notify to all affected users the current status of the airspace in compliance with articles 6.2 of the Commission Regulation (EC) No 2150/2005 laying down common rules for the Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA).

Furthermore CIMACT demoonstrated its capabilities in the “CAI Vigilant skies 2011” series of counterterrorism military exercises in 2011. EUROCONTROL’s CIMACT system was used by NATO operators to exchange the live traffic situation with their colleagues from the Russian Federation serving as proof of the efficiency of the tool to support airspace coordination and security between the parties involved.  It offers additional functionality to coordinate non-verbally by filtering and highlighting certain tracks of interest. For more information watch this video.

Benefits to ATM

CIMACT enhances the safe management of airspace and air traffic as it improves the common situational awareness. As a consequence it reduces infringements and increases airspace capacity. National air security is also improved by CIMACT as it detects and highlights potentially renegade aircraft.

CIMACT offers an automated interface with the Local And sub-Regional ASM support system (LARA).


The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for the CIMACT Software are owned by EUROCONTROL and can therefore be provided to all EUROCONTROL and ECAC Member States. States are responsible for providing the input data, data communication lines and suitable hardware. All users are requested to sign  sign a Service Level Agreement which includes a licence agreement.

EUROCONTROL provides explanatory presentations when requested and has a demonstration system available for installation at a potential user’s site for a trial period before the user takes a decision.

Equipment needed

The CIMACT software package (using Linux and coded in C++), runs on specified PC-type hardware. It was developed on the basis of ADMAR 2000 which was initially developed by the German Ministry of Defence in cooperation with EUROCONTROL.

CIMACT Support team

To obtain a licence for the software package or report an issue please contact: