The AudioLAN User Group

The purpose of the AudioLAN is to provide a flexible and scalable facility for voice communications in real-time air traffic control (ATC) simulations. It is a cost-effective and adaptable system offering very high voice quality with potential applications beyond ATC simulations.It has been commercialised through non-exclusive licence agreements with industry.

Main deliverables

The main goal of the AudioLAN User Group (ALUG) is to have minimum cost maintenance and support of the AudioLAN product through a single shared contract. The secondary goal is to promote the wider use of the product on experimental and training ATC platforms throughout Europe.


Initial studies on the potential for AudioLAN began in 1998 and the project continues.


AudioLAN was designed by EUROCONTROL and extended by the French Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC) – the intellectual property is shared between the two. AudioLAN has been further developed under contracts placed by the AudioLAN User Group. AudioLAN is currently being used by the Agency’s Experimental Centre and Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC), including remote use in the Institute of Air Navigation Services. AudioLAN is also used in ENAC, DSNA/DTI, ENAV, DGA and HUNGAROCONTROL CRDS.


Jose Seixo
Head of Validation Infrastructure Real Time Facilities
Phone: +33 169 88 7492