AIS AGORA - the Aeronautical Information Forum is a EUROCONTROL initiative to improve communication amongst the Aeronautical Information/Data Stakeholders - AIS, Aircraft Operators, ATC, Data originators and other airspace users.

It is an Internet based application for the tracking of latest Aeronautical Information Publication matters with the ultimate objective of improving the quality of aeronautical information.

Every day, AIS AGORA's 3000-plus professional members

  • Benefit from receiving copies of advanced and late-issued publications,
  • Are informed of aeronautical information inquiries and solutions,
  • Investigate and receive advice on flight planning, and
  • Share experiences and the latest news in relation to aeronautical information around the world.

Typical examples of information in AIS AGORA are:

  • Copies of late publications;
  • Announcements about available information;
  • Information on planned publications;
  • Problems and solutions identified in relation to aeronautical publications;
  • Sharing of best practices;
  • User inquiries.

Participation in the Forum is free of charge, but only registered members are allowed access.

A facilitator ensures that queries in respect to the European region are followed up and that all discussions are conducted in a professional way.

Assistance to FPL originators

EUROCONTROL provides AIS AGORA users with general advice on flight planning in response to queries raised on AIS AGORA:

The Directorate of Network Management is pleased to provide general advice on flight planning in response to queries raised on AIS AGORA by its users.
Users are reminded that specific problem reports and anomalies on the CFMU systems and operations should be addressed according to the relevant procedures as explained in the CFMU Handbook, part "CFMU Operational Problem Reporting".

Flight Plan originators are also strongly encouraged to make use of the IFPS test flight plan facility IFPUV.

The intention of the CFMU is to respond to queries within 2 working days.

It is important to note that the following types of queries will not be dealt with on AIS AGORA:
a) real-time FPL queries (should be addressed to the relevant IFPS Supervisor)
b) queries outside the CFMU area of responsibility (IFPS zone)

Queries will be answered by staff of the CFMU OPS Division Investigation Team who may also be contacted directly.

The main objective is to provide general advice and assistance where the use of a broad forum such as AIS AGORA can assist in providing information to a wide community of stakeholders, hopefully contributing to a simplification of the flight planning process and more consistent flight plan data for all stakeholders in European airspace.

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