Airports interface with network operations

Airports need to be seen as being part of the whole ATM system in a “gate-to-gate” environment. As the tactical manager of the total network load, ATFCM has to collaborate with air traffic control, aircraft operators, and airport in a genuine partnership.


The programme aims at ensuring an efficient interface between the concerned partners through swift and effective collaborative decision-making and through the provision of the required data when and where they are needed.

The programme also covers the management of critical events by establishing pan-European procedures for managing Industrial Action events, tailored to individual countries needs and requirements.This will lead to a better utilisation of limited available capacity.

In operational terms, this means improving ATFCM management of arrivals where imbalances cause delay and to improve the predictability of departure traffic; therefore improving network operations and planning.


  • Improved traffic predictability for the ATM Network including the airport
  • Improved adherence to the ATFM slot
  • Increased network and airport capacity
  • Improved handling of special circumstances
  • Sharing of information in order to improve airport, AO and network operations
  • Reduction in airport and network delay

Next steps - some examples

Further development are in the pipeline.

We give a few examples;

  • the user requirements and use-cases for storing airport slots in the Demand Data Repository are being developed in the context of linking ATFCM with Airport Slot Coordination;
  • in the context of developing Specific ATFCM Methods for Airports, the use of ATFM Slot Swapping is being analysed and improvement proposals are being developed within the SESAR UDPP WP 7.6.4.
  • the ATFCM Relationship to TWR will be improved by CITO enhancements and introduction of provision of pre-departure information from Advanced ATC TWR systems;
  • the Integration of CDM Airports into the Network includes deployment of DPI messages and further improvements to the processing of these messages;
  • to develop in consultation with all stakeholders, an operational procedure for the implementation of Regulation (EC) 793/2004 on Airport Slots.;
  • Collection of Airport data for NOP portal;
  • Development of NOP portal for users at Airports (Airport Authorities, handlers,…);
  • KPIs for APT related statistics, planned to be available for 2014 (DNM/OMR);
  • Operational issues.