AGVN - ATS Ground Voice Network service

Maintaining the EUROPEAN ATM repository and planning the transition towards VoIP

Maintain an accurate database for ECAC of the telephone numbering ranges by country, by ATM unit and allocation of terminal numbers. The AGVN numbering will also include the appropriate VoIP ((Voice over IP) adresses to ensure a smooth transition towards these new voice communication technologies.

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The AGVN database is the repository of current ATM voice systems numbering plan and will contain future VoIP addressing information as the transition progresses.
It provides:

  • Addressing/Numbering Plan which aims at maintaining current numbering ranges plans in support of a controlled migration towards VoIP addressing;
  • ICAO European Air Navigation Planning Group (EANPG) with detailed information on the current ATM Voice situation in Europe.

AGVN takes place in the wider context of the VoIP Implementation Support Group (VOTE) which is responsible for the development of VoIP Applications and the related Infrastructure within a greater context of Network Operations and other Communications ATM Applications. As such, the VOTE is an Implementation Support Group of the Communications Steering Group (COMSG) and shall coordinate its activities with other COMSG implementation support groups and task forces.

The remit of VOTE is to support COMSG in providing a direct channel of communication between the EUROCONTROL Agency and its stakeholders on activities related to Voice over IP applications and infrastructure aiming to enhance the safety, capacity and efficiency of the European ATM network and its interfaces with adjacent ATM structures. It will have to respond to the requirements set in the European ATM Master Plan within the framework of SESAR, SES regulations, the Network Manager Network Strategic Plan and the EUROCONTROL Agency Business Plan.

Addressed user needs

Get new telephony numbers to connect my centre to the network



  • AGVN annual report to ICAO EUR/NAT Regional Office
  • FAB / State AGVN Reports on demand

Access conditions

AGVN can be accessed by ICAO/EUR State Focal points through OneSky Online.

The quality of the information delivered depends on the quality of the information provided by each AGVN State Focal Point. Annual reviews are organised before providing the AGVN annual report to ICAO EUR/NAT Regional Office.

Further info and contacts

Useful links:

ATM Voice

VOTE OneSky Team (upon registration access)

Access AGVN (upon registration access)

For further information and assistance, contact Liviu Popescu.