Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (Phase 3 P-09)

The Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) is a specification designed to enable the encoding and the distribution in digital format of the aeronautical information, which has to be provided by the national Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) in accordance with the ICAO Convention.

Download the AIXM 2011 factsheet.


AIXM was originally developed by EUROCONTROL to meet the needs of the European AIS Database (EAD). The initial version enabled the encoding in digital format of the static data contained in the national Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP). It also enabled the exchange of this data between the national databases and the centralised EAD reference database and further down to the EAD clients.

Since 2003 AIXM has become a joint development between EUROCONTROL and the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), with support from the international community. The objective is to go beyond the traditional AIP and NOTAM means for aeronautical information dissemination, by delivering an internationally agreed standard which enables the provision of real time aeronautical information in digital format. The latest AIXM 5.1 version is the result of this joint effort.

AIXM Versions

AIXM 4.5 is used since 2005 in the regional European AIS Database (EAD), by local systems in the EUROCONTROL Member States and in a number of States worldwide (Canada, Japan, etc.).

Starting from 2010, the data provider systems are gradually moving towards AIXM 5.1, which is the latest official AIXM version released on February, 2nd 2010. AIXM 5.1 is the follow-up of the previous version, developed as the data encoding specification that will support the current and future ATM needs for digital aeronautical information, including Digital NOTAM.

This site provides an overview of the AIXM version 5.1:

  • the AIXM 5.1 UML model and of the AIXM 5.1 XML Schemas
  • list of available AIXM resources, including links where it is possible to download the main AIXM 5.1 components

Earlier versions (in particular version 4.5) of AIXM have been archived in AIM OneSkyTeams Library, available on the EUROCONTROL Extranet. For a quick overview of the AIXM 4.5 capabilities, you can download the AIXM 4.5 Primer document (pdf).


The AIXM scope is based on the ICAO requirements for provision by the Member States of the “data necessary for the safety, regularity and efficiency of international air navigation”. However, the specification goes beyond the strict ICAO Annex 15 requirements, by also taking into consideration existing industry standards (such as ARINC 424) and emerging data needs. 

The Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) is a specification divided into two components:

  • A logical information model expressed in UML
  • A data exchange format using XML Schema (XSD) technology


The AIXM UML Model provides a formal description of the information managed by the Aeronautical Information Services (AIS). It is based on the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices, on the content of the real world Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP) and on other relevant documents and industry standards, such as the ARINC 424 Specification.

AIXM XML Schemas

The AIXM XML Schemas are a data encoding specification for aeronautical data. They are an implementation of the AIXM UML Model as an XML (Extensible Markup Language) schema. Therefore, the XSD Schemas can be used to send aeronautical information to others in the form of XML encoded data, enabling systems to exchange aeronautical information.

UML model

The AIXM UML Model accounts for the core conceptual model which provides the formal description of the aeronautical information features with their properties, associations, lists of values etc. View the UML model (pdf).

AIXM 5.1 uses UML classes, attributes, inheritances and relationships with roles (as illustrated) in order to describe aeronautical features such as airports, runways, navaids, obstacles, routes, terminal procedures, airspace structures, services and related aeronautical data. It contains basic connections with some ISO 19115 Metadata elements, ISO 19107 geometry elements and with a few ISO 19136 /GML specific elements which are not part of the ISO 19107.

The AIXM 5.1 UML model can be downloaded from the joint FAA/EUROCONTROL website dedicated to AIXM 5.1