The Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) codes are managed under the ICAO Originating Region Code Assignment Method (ORCAM) model. It is based on strategic allocations of sets of codes to individual States and on the alternate use of transit and local definition of codes per Participating Areas (PAs). These codes are used for transit in one PA and for local purposes in adjacent PAs. Together they cover the entire ICAO EUR Region.

However, even this PA structure fails to provide sufficient SSR codes for today’s demand due to further increase of traffic but also the change of major traffic flows. Also, the current structure has difficulties coping with FABs and direct routes.

To overcome this, a pan-European solution called Centralised Code Assignment and Management System (CCAMS) is currently being implemented.


  • Code Allocation List (CAL) for the ICAO EUR Region

Access conditions

The service is accessible to all states in ICAO EUR Region. Contact us for more information.