The EUROCONTROL Statistics and Forecasting (STATFOR) Unit produces 2-year, 7-year and 20-year forecasts of annual numbers of IFR flight movements and service units (SU). The units measured are volumes of airspace called ‘traffic zones’, ‘States’ and larger aggregate regions, such as FABs. It also provides statistics and information to measure and understand the situation in the air traffic industry.

The air traffic forecast is built up in four stages. An Initial Annual Forecast takes into account a broad range of economic, transport and other trends. This is followed up with analysis of recent and upcoming (within 2 years) trends, economy and plans. The resulting Monthly Trend Forecast is then combined with the annual forecast. The forecast takes Airport capacity into account to give an annual forecast of traffic between airport pairs. Finally this forecast is mapped onto the airspace network to give counts of flights in the airspace of each State or region.



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