Controller–pilot data link communications (CPDLC) is a method by which air traffic controllers can communicate with pilots over a datalink system. This allows controllers to use data messages instead of the current standard method of communication – voice radio using either VHF (for line-of-sight communications), or HR (for long-distance communication) bands.

The Network Manager provides data link performance monitoring at a European level to support all stakeholders. It provides both regular performance reports as well as ad-hoc performance reports on request for individual stakeholders to allow them to assess their own performance. NM also has activities to forecast the future load of data link as well as maintains a database of data link related avionics installed on aircraft operating in Europe.


  • Monthly performance reports,
  • NM data link monitoring flight reports,
  • ad-hoc performance reports for specific stakeholders,
  • forecasts, and
  • database of data link avionics installed on many European aircraft.


Access conditions

The service is restricted to specific stakeholder groups.