Strategic planning is the process of defining guiding principles for network operation, take a long-term perspective. It drives the collaborative planning process allowing operational stakeholders to set shared performance targets and draw up the corresponding plans.

Our ultimate objective is to meet the network performance targets for the EU SES area and to optimise performance throughout the NM area.


  • Network Strategy Plan (NSP) – the document provides a common understanding of the way the ATM network as a whole will achieve the performance targets. The NSP defines those strategic operational objectives needed to achieve the requisite levels of ATM performance and clarifies what the Network requires from evolutions in technology to achieve its performance objectives. It is used to manage the European ATM network and responds to the SES performance objectives and to the Business requirements expressed by the different stakeholders. The NSP is endorsed by the Network Management Board, once the Single Sky Committee had expressed a positive opinion, prior to its adoption by the European Commission.
  • Network Performance Plan (NPP) the document describes the expected contribution of the Network Manager to network performance. It focuses on those areas for which there are network targets and a clear NM responsibility to contribute (the document may be accessed once it has been formalised by the European Commission).

Access conditions

The NSP and the NPP are produced for each Single European Sky reporting period by the Network Manager in full coordination with all operational stakeholders. They are publicly accessible.