The 1030/1090 MHz radio frequency (RF) network is at the heart of modern surveillance infrastructure. Whilst modern surveillance techniques are more RF efficient, many older systems remain in operation and these are contributing to a congested RF environment in which transponders and ground stations may be struggling to cope.

The loss of detection of aircraft and network delay incurred in June 2014 have shown the importance of the correct operation of  the 1030/1090 MHz frequencies RF network for efficient daily network management and operations. This could also have an important impact on the safety of flight as the same frequencies are used to support the ACAS anti-collision systems, the last safety net to prevent accidents in ATM.

The objective of the Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) radio frequency analysis service is to measure the usage of the 1030/1090 MHz RF network, detect systems not correctly using these frequencies, develop mitigations and undertake actions with interrogator operators to keep the RF network up and running in Europe.


  • periodic or on-demand measurements and reports with limited distribution


Access conditions

The service is provided to national regulatory RF authorities and ANSPs. For more information, please contact us.