Constantly refreshed 4D flight information feeds the Flight Plan Management and the Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM) functions and provides a single source of essential information for ANSPs, airports and airspace users, some of which also accessible through NM B2B Web Services.

Flight data services consist of the reception and distribution of real-time data flows between all operational stakeholders across the network. These real-time updates are collected from different sources:

  • Correlated Position Reports (CPRs) which are surveillance data collected from the ACCs;
  • First System Activation (FSAs) which are flight plan activation messages sent by the ACCs;
  • Airborne Flight Plans (AFPs) which are flight plan change messages sent by the ACCs;
  • Aircraft Operator Position Reports (APRs) which are messages provided by participating AOs;
  • Departure Planning Information (DPI) which are messages provided by the airports;
  • FAA Departure Information (FDI) which are messages provided by the USA Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The output is the provision of a real-time data flow when significant flight data updates occur in ETFMS:

  • ETFMS Flight Data (EFD) messages which provide ETFMS flight data to the ANSPs and AOs
  • Flight Update Message (FUM) which provide the airports with the Estimated Landing Time (ELDT).


  • accurate picture of the real-time traffic situation
  • single trajectory that can be shared between all ATM actors


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Access conditions

For EUROCONTROL States, the service is only available to organisations which are actively engaged in ATFCM or aircraft operations and related support services. For non-EUROCONTROL States, the service may be provided on an individual basis, under conditions defined in a service agreement.