The purpose of radio frequency management is to mitigate the network impact of the limited aeronautical radio spectrum. It is performed by the Radio Frequency Function (RFF) in cooperation with the ICAO EUR regional office. It supports European States to:

  1. satisfy frequency requests for aeronautical communication and navigation systems,
  2. ensure that aeronautical frequencies can be used safely (i.e. analysis, mitigation and prevention of interferences);
  3. promote the application of frequency management best practices;
  4. prepare to cope with future radio frequencies demand (i.e. demand planning and introduction of new systems, or improvements in the aeronautical bands);
  5. prepare the aviation spectrum activities for coordinated the contributions from Member State to international forums, and in particular to the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU).


  • Central Register of European radio frequency assignments via the Spectrum and Frequency Information Resource (SAFIRE);
  • Frequency Management Plans, Requirements and Best Practices documents;
  • Interference Reports, Analysis and Mitigation repository.


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