Published in 2008, the ICAO Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Manual proposes alternatives to conventional navigation applications in all phases of flight (en-route, TMA and Final approach).

The deployment of PBN applications is expected to enable a better response to airspace requirements, including:

  • Improved flight efficiency due to optimal placement of flows of traffic allowing for the strategic de-confliction of ATS routes, including SIDs/STARs, in both the horizontal and vertical planes;
  • Capacity improvements due to closer spaced routes and increased predictability; 
  • Improved safety and access to airports using GNSS-based RNP APCH on runways which are not equipped with precision approach systems; 
  • Longer term reduction of cost due to rationalisation of the NAVAID Infrastructure;
  • Environment impact reduction, reduced fuel burn, among others.

PBN deployment is included in the PCP IR (EU 716/2014) for the top 25 airports of ECAC, and is also subject of a proposed PBN implementing rule by EASA (RMT 0639).


  • PBN awareness and training through seminars, workshops and web-based packages
  • Monitoring of PBN routes/procedures deployment and PBN aircraft equipage
  • Support to PBN deployment in all phases of flight and final approach in particular
  • Navigation Steering Group (NSG) & RNAV Approach implementation Support Group (RAiSG)
  • Support to PBN standardisation


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