The Pan-European Network Service (PENS) is an IP-based network communications infrastructure to support Air Traffic Management (ATM). It is a joint EUROCONTROL/ANSP-led initiative to provide a common service across the European region. It covers ground-to-ground voice and data communication and provides efficient support to existing services and new requirements that are emerging from future ATM concepts, in particular in the context of SESAR (SWIM backbone).

EUROCONTROL’S PENS Management Unit (PMU) is responsible for the day-to-day management of the service, including planning and monitoring the service, and liaising with the Network Service Providers (SITA) and the PENS users (NM, EAD, ANSPs among others).


  • PENS Change Management process including schedules and project plans
  • general support to PENS Users and PENS Governance
  • support to the migration of ATM applications (AMHS, FMTP/OLDI, Surveillance, Voice, SWIM)
  • secretarial services for the PENS Service Steering Group (PSSG) and PENS User Group (PUG)
  • PENS Service Reports for monitoring the PENS' quality of service


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Access conditions

There are several steps to follow in order to become a PENS user:

  • An organisation interested in becoming a PENS user has to declare its intention and interest by signing the PENS Common Procurement Agreement (CPA), which allows EUROCONTROL to act on behalf of each signatory in the selection of the national service provider, the negotiation and signature of the PENS contract and the subsequent management of the contractual relationship with the national service provider.
  • After the signature of the CPA, the organisation has to submit its application to the PSSG (PENS Services Steering Group).
  • If the application is accepted, the PSSG informs the PMU and the candidate user will also have to sign a letter of consent allowing EUROCONTROL to act on its behalf for the purposes of the registration process.
  • The PMU then negotiates an amendment to the PENS contract in order to expand the service to the candidate user.
  • Once the negotiation process is completed successfully, the candidate officially becomes a PENS user.

Each PENS user has to pay a charge for the service required in accordance with the “Charging for the PENS” document.