The operator fleet airframe data service provides airframe-specific information belonging to worldwide commercial operators and business, smaller aircraft (exception made for military aircraft), helicopters and light aircraft (single engine, non-turbine powered).

The operator fleet airframe data is maintained on a daily basis by specialist data stewards.

Other data sets (e.g. avionics) are fed in from multiple sources, including, but not limited to:

  • flight plans,
  • specialist communication, navigation and surveillance programmes, and
  • monitoring data.


  • identity information (manufacturer, model, series);
  • temporal Identification data (A/C registrations, 24-bit addresses);
  • performance characteristics (Engine type, MTOW);
  • communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) avionics capability (RVSM, 8.33, ADSB);
  • special approvals (RVSM);
  • avionics equipment;
  • flight plan history (information on routes flown per airframe and region),


Access conditions

The service requires a subscription via self-registration. For more information, please contact us.