Operations planning process consolidates forecasts and plans from all partners involved in air traffic management operations (ANSPs, airports, AOs, MIL) and from the EUROCONTROL units in charge of flow, capacity and airspace management. It ensures the seamless integration of planning actions to improve European airspace design and utilisation.

Operations planning uses integrated data and sophisticated modelling tools to provide for all planning phases:

  • demand forecasting,
  • design of the European airspace,
  • enhanced ASM/ATFCM/ATS processes and ATM procedures and
  • enhanced ATFCM planning.

Starting with strategic capacity planning (see details under “Strategic Planning”), the process moves to an operational level with the development of derived seasonal, weekly and daily plans (“Network Operations Plan Coordination”).


  • Network Operations Plan (NOP)the document describes the operational actions to be taken by the Network Manager and its stakeholders in order to meet set performance targets, as described in the Performance Framework of the Single European Sky (SESII) package. It also provides both a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the impact of these actions on the performance of the European ATM network. It consolidates the inputs of all operational partners and it serves as the optimum plan for the network's overall benefit.


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Access conditions

All operational stakeholders involved in air traffic management or aircraft operations are eligible.

The operational processes which support this service are described in the Network Operations handbook.