The Network Operations Portal (NOP) is a collaboration application enabling operational stakeholders to interact and collaborate with the Network Manager Operations Centre (formerly CFMU Operations).

The main purposes of the NOP Portal are:

  • monitoring of the real-time status of traffic, airspace and air traffic flow and capacity management (ATFCM) measures;
  • collaborative planning of pan-European operations from the strategic to the tactical phases, thus optimising the use of available ATM capacity.

The NOP allows a common view of the European ATM network situation to be shared with the whole aviation community. It is a means of interactively accessing the European ATFCM network situation, which incorporates the existing information and user requests, provides traffic demand and capacity plans, identifies bottlenecks, and presents the ATFCM and ASM measures planned in order to counterbalance them. The NOP provides full transparency with regard to the current and expected European air traffic situation, thanks to the constantly validated information and strong collaboration processes.


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Access conditions

To request access to the Protected NOP please see our step-by-step subscription guide or go directly to the NM Service request form.

Hours of operations

The NOP is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Technical assistance is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week for first level support, and during office hours for second level support.

Service Levels

EUROCONTROL aims at providing high availability levels for the NOP product and it reports regularly on monthly availability indicators to the stakeholder consultative groups concerned (ODSG or equivalent).

Availability levels do not include:

  • communication networks used to access the product;
  • interruptions due to a use of the product which does not conform to EUROCONTROL’s specifications;
  • periods of planned outage and essential maintenance.

EUROCONTROL tries to keep interruptions to the service to a minimum. Interruptions may occur in the following cases:

  • when essential planned maintenance and testing might necessitate taking the Network Operations Systems out of service, EUROCONTROL always tries, but cannot guarantee, to notify the Customer at least 48 hours in advance of these planned interruptions to service;
  • in all other cases, it provides such notice as is reasonably practicable;
  • the information on windows for periodical maintenance is published on the EUROCONTROL Network Management website, in the Network Operations section.

Contribution Fees

The NOP product is, in principle, provided free of charge. However, contribution fees are levied to cover part of the costs related to the token.

EUROCONTROL provides up to two tokens per organisation free of charge. A one-time fee of € 200 is charged for each additional token.

Each token is valid for a minimum of five years to cater for technological, operational or contractual developments. After five years, EUROCONTROL will charge a new contribution fee when renewing the tokens with new technologies.

EUROCONTROL reserves the right to cancel the tokens which have not been used for six months, for efficiency and security reasons. Should you require a new token after this cancellation, you will have to submit a new request via the NM Service request form. Any new access so requested and granted will be charged for.

Invoices are payable before the token(s) can be activated.

The Public NOP Portal is freely accessible.

The NOP Protected Portal is restricted to organisations actively engaged in ATFM operations, airline and airport operations, and related support services. It provides access to interfaces based on customer profiles.

The access to the Protected NOP is subject to eligibility conditions, to conditions of use and to the signing of a NM Agreement. Read the NM Agreements and Policies page and fully acquaint yourself with the NM Operations Security Rules, the NM Data Rules, and the Acceptable Behaviour Rules for Flight Planning and ATFM Operations.