EUROCONTROL performs network operations monitoring and reporting to measure, monitor and analyse air traffic management (ATM) network performance indicators and propose operational improvements. It delivers periodical reports featuring the overall network performance from various perspectives. The agency does so in compliance with the Single European Sky (SES) performance scheme, which requires the pro-active management, monitoring and reporting of pan-European operational performance targets covering safety, capacity, environment and cost-efficiency.


  • Network Operations Report (NOR) - annual and monthly reports on the overall performance of the network. They contain information on the network performance from an operational perspective.
  • Network Manager Annual Report (NMAR) - covering the Network Manager’s activities of the respective year.
  • Air Traffic Flow Monitoring Compliance reports - monitoring and reporting of specific areas of the ATFCM process. These reports are made available to our partners (via the ATFM Statistics dashboard to allow monitoring of those key areas and to assist in the identification of any issues which may impact the performance of the ATFM network. The updated ATFM statistics dashboard provides all current and future NM reports for the reporting and monitoring function in one convenient place.

The ATFM statistics dashboard’s interactive reporting is provided via:

  • Airport ATFM delay respors,
  • Airport ATFM traffic reports,
  • Airspace reports,
  • ATFM daily summaries and
  • Network reports.


Access conditions

The use of the dashboard will be restricted to operational (AOs, CFSPs, Airports, ANSPs) users and limited strictly to operational (ATFCM) purposes.