Unlike 50 years ago, the navaid infrastructure is now both ground - (NDB, VOR, DME, ILS, MLS etc.) and space-based (Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) including both core constellations and augmentations like the Satellite-Based and Ground-Based Augmentation System (SBAS and GBAS)).

GNSS is an essential element for the introduction of Performance Based Navigation (PBN), EUROCONTROL supports its deployment while ensuring that conventional navigation aids evolve from a primary role to provide redundant services to GNSS.

EUROCONTROL is also involved in mitigating the growing dependency on the satellite service and getting the best from GNSS-based applications; contributing to the setting up of a vision based on GNSS multi-frequency and multi-constellation.


  • support to the deployment of GNSS
  • conventional navigation infrastructure optimisation
  • support to the development of international standards relevant to navigation infrastructure


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