The First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test (FEAST) assesses the knowledge, skills and abilities of applicants for air traffic control (ATC) training that are necessary for the air traffic controller (ATCO) job.

The aim is to make a scientifically reliable and valid selection test that is available for multi-state use and easy to adminiseter. 

The objectives of the FEAST Service are to provide

  • implementation support including helpdesk to users,
  • a centralised infrastructure and web platform for the delivery of the tests and
  • future enhancements allowing customers to share the benefits of developments and technical evolution.

The FEAST Service is not part of the selection process itself. Selection decisions are made solely by the recruiting ANSP or ATC training institutes.


  • A workflow software application for the selection of ab-initio air traffic controller trainees with a database for management of candidates and results.
  • A test package comprised of a battery of cognitive abilities tests (measuring multi-tasking, planning ability, learning and applying rules, processing speed and attention, 3D visualisation), an English language listening and comprehension test (ESTEL), two work sample tests (DART and MULTI-PASS), the FEAST Personality Questionnaire (FPQ) with easily accessible and stored test scores and results
  • Full implementation support including helpdesk and accreditation training course with user and administration manuals and guidance material.
  • Sponsorship and facilitation by EUROCONTROL of the FEAST User Group

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Access conditions

Civil and military ANSPs and ATC training institutes worldwide may request to use the service and tests. The use of FEAST is subject to the signature of a license agreement.