The European Regional Monitoring Agency (EUR RMA) is responsible for the safety oversight of operations in reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM) airspace.

The EUR RMA is operated by EUROCONTROL on behalf of the ICAO European Air Navigation Planning Group. It monitors aircraft operations in the RVSM airspace and conducts an annual RVSM airspace safety assessment as required by the European Air Navigation Planning Group (EANPG).

The RMA conducts three major activities:

  • It monitors aircraft height-keeping performance (with particular emphasis on altimetry system performance). The RMA operates a network of height monitoring units in Europe, which estimates the accuracy of aircraft altimetry systems. The results are validated and assessed and when necessary, the RMA initiates remedial action through the operator’s competent State Authority.
  • It monitors operator-aircraft compliance with RVSM approval and certification requirements and RVSM approvals. The RMA maintains a database of aircraft which are approved for operations in RVSM airspace. The RMA conducts flight plan audits to identify aircraft which are not listed within the database. The operators of these aircraft are then reported to their competent state authority so that appropriate action can be taken to approve the aircraft or ensure that they no longer operate in RVSM airspace.
  • It conducts RVSM airspace safety assessments. The RMA conducts an annual safety assessment which includes quantitative collision risk estimates based on technical aircraft height keeping performance and aircraft altitude deviation reports. The report contains any other safety issues related to RVSM airspace and is presented annually to the member states of EANPG. 


  • EUR RMA annual safety monitoring reports, endorsed by the Director NMD and presented to the ICAO EANPG;
  • Reports of non-approved aircraft operating in RVSM airspace submitted to Member State competent authorities;
  • Reports of aircraft exhibiting aberrant or non-compliant altimetry system performance submitted to Member State Competent Authorities and operators concerned;
  • Reports of aircraft types exhibiting aberrant or non-compliant altimetry system performance submitted to certification authorities and manufacturers.


Access conditions

The service is only available through delegated points of contact in accredited Member States. For more information, please contact us.