The EUROCONTROL voluntary ATM Incident Reporting (EVAIR) is the first voluntary ATM incident data reporting and collection organised at pan-European level. EVAIR was established to find a way for better ATM incident reporting. EVAIR enables a pro-active approach to safety by early identifying of safety concerns, assisting in developing trust between EVAIR members and promoting and assisting in quick fix of problems. Through all these activities EVAIR contributes to the improvement of the overall ATM safety.

In establishing EVAIR - its Voluntary ATM Occurrence Reporting activities - EUROCONTROL has two main objectives:

  • fixing of problems within the shortest time possible;
  • promote a data driven approach based on low or medium risk bearing incidents, instead of serious risk bearing incidents and accidents to further enhance safety.

These objectives are supported by three main pillars of activity:

  • the collection of voluntarily supplied ATM occurrences mainly from Aircraft Operators and automatically collected ACAS data from ANSPs;
  • a feedback channel between Aircraft Operators and ANSPs with EVAIR as the facilitator and intermediary; and
  • the monitoring and analysis of the collected information.


  • EVAIR Safety Bulletins
  • Monitoring of European Action Plans (e.g. level bust, air ground communication, CSS/C)
  • Bilateral meetings and agreements with interested parties (e.g. ANSPs, Aircraft Operators and Aircraft Associations) to assess safety data trends and implement quick-fixes to identified problems
  • Customised statistics


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