The Network Manager (NM), by virtue of its central view of all operations, strives to ensure that the network runs smoothly under any circumstances.

The air traffic management (ATM) network is vulnerable to all kinds of disruption. There are a number of events which can raise NM alert levels, such as bad weather, industrial actions, volcanic eruptions, armed conflicts, security incidents, nuclear accidents, staff shortages, uncontrolled re-entry of satellites, etc.

Regardless of what causes the disruption, NM works closely with all its partners to minimise any knock-on effects on Europe’s ATM network as a whole.

In the event of network crisis, the Network Manager, with the support of the European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell (EACCC), is responsible for coordinating the management of the response to the network crisis, in close cooperation with corresponding structures in Member States.


  • monitoring the impact of disruptive events on aviation and applying contingency measures
  • information dissemination and coordination between relevant stakeholders


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Access conditions

For EUROCONTROL Member States, this service is provided under the terms and conditions of the standard agreement between EUROCONTROL and the ANSPs concerned as a constituent part of the ATFCM pan-European Functions.

For non-EUROCONTROL States, Crisis and Contingency Management may be provided on an individual basis under conditions defined in an appropriate agreement.