The EUROCONTROL Cartography service produces pan-European standardised and tailor-made charts to support air traffic management (ATM) stakeholders, NM airspace management, route network design and planning activities.

Our charts are based on data from the Aeronautical Information Publications (AIPs) of Member States, the European AIS Database (EAD) and the Network Manager (NM) Databases.

They display such information as:

  • Flight Information Regions (FIR/UIR)
  • Free Route airspaces
  • Temporary airspace allocations and conditional routes (CDR) resulting from the FUA
  • The Air Traffic Services (ATS) route network over the NM area
  • The airspace sectorisation* used by the Network Manager Operations Centre

*It should be noted that these sectors are shown for ATFM purposes and may not coincide precisely with the sectors depicted on national or regional air traffic control (ATC) charts.


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