To support air navigation service providers (ANSPs) in their local capacity planning, the Network Manager makes an annual assessment of the capacity delivered and of the capacity required in the medium term at network level and individually for area control centres (ACCs) within the Network Manager (NM) area, taking into account the agreed delay targets, the traffic forecast, the expected traffic distribution over the route network and the balance between cost of delay and cost of air navigation service provision.

These capacity requirement profiles are used by ANSPs as a basis for local capacity planning. This is done in a fully interactive process, supporting ANSPs through the use of common data and sophisticated modelling tools. The European capacity planning process provides a major contribution to the content of the Network Operations Plan.

For more information on the air traffic management (ATM) network capacity planning process, consult the Capacity Assessment & Planning Guidance document.

To evaluate sector capacities, the Network Manager uses the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Sector Capacity Analyser (CAPAN) methodology – using a fast-time computer simulation model that calculates the capacity of an ATC sector based on the controllers' workload. CAPAN is used with the  Reorganised ATC Mathematical (Model) Simulator (RAMS) simulation engine.

For more information on the ATM network capacity planning process, consult the Capacity Assessment and Planning Guidance document.


  • Network Operations Plan (NOP)the document describes the operational actions to be taken by the Network Manager and its stakeholders in order to meet set performance targets, as described in the Performance Framework of the Single European Sky (SESII) package. It also provides both a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the impact of these actions on the performance of the European ATM network. It consolidates the inputs of all operational partners and it serves as the optimum plan for the network's overall benefit.


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The capacity assessment and planning process is part of Network operations planning. All European air navigation service providers are eligible to receive this service.