EUROCONTROL carries out airspace real-time simulations in support of new airspace design projects, network operational concepts and procedures. These high-fidelity simulations of future ATC systems (comprised of equipment, procedures and people) produce pertinent data on the expected benefits in the targeted key performance areas. They are prepared, organised and conducted by the Airspace simulation experts, together with the participating ANSPs, in line with the guidelines formulated in the European Operational Conception Validation Method (E-OCVM). The airspace simulations serve to validate:

  • airspace and route network structures (e.g. PBN routes, cross-border sectorisation),
  • new procedures, working methods or letters of agreement (e.g. multi-sector planner or single person operations),
  • new ATC/ATM concepts such as Data Link, Point Merge, Free Route.

The simulations are conducted in support of individual air navigation service providers (ANSPs), functional airspace blocks (FABs) and European projects.


  • airspace simulation studies (design, prototyping, training, live trials)


Access conditions

This service is delivered to ANSP's and FAB's upon signing of a financial framework.

The outputs of the simulations are accessible to all operational stakeholders.