Through our airspace management activity we apply and enhance the Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) concept by developing the European airspace into one continuum, that is flexible and reactive to changes in airspace users’ needs, with the ultimate objective of optimising the European Network capacity and reaching the best performance.

Airspace management is based on a seamless and collaborative management of airspace configurations and continuous sharing of information among all partners participating in a rolling Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) process.

It includes:

  • applying the FUA concept as described in the EUROCONTROL Handbook for Airspace management, detailed as a means of compliance in the EC/EUROCONTROL FUA specification and regulated by the SES (EC) Regulation No. 2150/2005;
  • enhancing the FUA through a more dynamic airspace management process resulting in the optimum airspace configuration;
  • assisting ECAC Member States in improving their national collaborative civil/military airspace policy and planning to increase airspace sharing towards an integrated pan-European airspace planning;
  • and supporting Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs) in the setting up of new ASM processes at FAB level.



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Access conditions

The service is only available to EUROCONTROL Member States and for Computerised flight plan service providers (CFSPs) operating flights in the EUROCONTROL area. The applicable procedures are described in the European Route Network Improvement Plan (ERNIP) Part 3 - Airspace management handbook, the Network Operations handboon, the Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA), Airspace Management Cell (AMC) ECAC Centralised Airspace Data Function (CADF) operations manual and in the European AIS Database (EAD) documentation.