In order to effectively manage the European air traffic management (ATM) network, EUROCONTROL regularly captures airport information for its planning and operational processes. This allows early identification of issues that may affect the performance of the network. It also ensures that existing and future airport operation plans are taken fully into account and sufficient capacity is placed at the correct locations to accommodate traffic from and to European airports.

The airport information management process aims to collect and validate airports information supporting the information exchange between airports and EUROCONTROL.

It provides EUROCONTROL with the necessary airport information to perform the Network Management functions, in particular the European network capacity planning process, the management of local airport events impacting operations, and the monitoring and reporting on the ATM network performance.


  • airport information collection and distribution
  • support to short, medium and long-term planning
  • support to monitoring and reporting on airports performance


Access conditions

The service is partially restricted to specific stakeholder groups.