The Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) concept aims to:

  • Improve the overall efficiency of operations at European airports by integrating processes and systems – in particular by optimising the aircraft turn-round and pre-departure sequencing process.
  • Improve the ATM Network fluency, by providing the Network Manager (NM) with more accurate take-off information.

With A-CDM, the Network Manager is provided -through Departure Planning Information (DPI) messages - with more accurate Target Take-Off Times (TTOT) which can be used to improve en-route and sector planning of the European ATM Network. The benefits for the network, which are already apparent, will start to multiply as more and more airports implement A-CDM.

In turn, airports gain from more effective use of air traffic flow management (ATFM) slots resulting in reduced delays, improved predictability of events during a flight, enhanced use of resources and environmental benefits.

In addition, airlines can delegate to NM the filing of the delay (DLA) message for departures from designated A-CDM airports. (EOBT update service for A-CDM departures). NMOC will then automatically file a DLA message using the Target Off-Block Time (TOBT) values in the DPI messages received. For a complete description of the service refer to the DPI implementation manual.

The EUROCONTROL Airport CDM team is responsible for ensuring standardisation and dissemination of best practice of A-CDM implementation at European airports. It also provides training activities for A-CDM implementation with courses at our Institute of Air Navigation Services (IANS), on-site at airports and e-learning.



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Access conditions

A-CDM is available to all interested airports. For more information, please contact us.

Estimated Off-Block Time (EOBT) update service for A-CDM departures.

Contact us for activation or deactivation of the service. (including a trial basis).