The air traffic demand data service provides air traffic management (ATM) actors with the most accurate picture of the pan-European air traffic demand, past and future, as well as to support the Network Operations Planning process.

Through the Demand Data Repository (DDR) database, flight intentions are collected from airlines and airports, they are processed, stored and distributed to internal Network Manager subscribers systems. Collected flight intentions are used to enrich historical traffic demand and to improve the accuracy of traffic demand forecasts.

Agreements have been sought with data providers to supply flight intentions for the current season and next season (as soon as available) together with regular updates (daily, or weekly) of the initial information.


  • Strategic traffic forecast: generate consolidated and enriched traffic forecasts with calculated 4D trajectories, from 18 months ahead with collected DDR intentions.
  • Pre-tactical traffic forecast: forecast traffic demand over the next six days before operations, using historical data enriched with DDR collected flight intentions and the forecast NAT tracks. Pre-tactical traffic Demand is accessible by users from the NM PREDICT HMI and from the DDR2 portal.


Access conditions

This is a partially restricted service. Some deliverables are made available publicly, but others may be restricted to specific stakeholders. The tools are only accessible under individual access conditions available when clicking on the tools.