For more than ten years it has been very difficult to satisfy requests for new air traffic control (ATC) voice communication channels in the central European region. The initial deployment of 8.33 kHz channel spacing communications in the upper airspace delivered new voice communication channels that were quickly consumed by the growing ATC needs.

To ensure that sufficient voice communication channels are available to the growing needs of European aviation, it has been decided to extend the area in which 8.33kHz capable radio is required down to the ground (EC Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1079/2012).

For a harmonised deployment within the European airspace, in according to the Implementation Regulation milestones, the Commission requested the Network Manager to take an active and central role in the coordination of the implementation of the 8.33 kHz voice channel spacing capability below FL195. The 8.33 Implementation Support Project, with its associated 8.33 Implementation Support Group, has been set up with the main tasks of monitoring and steering the implementation, providing a central coordination function, and building awareness regarding the deployment requirements.


  • 8.33 Coordinated Deployment Plans,
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation reports,
  • 8.33 kHz Deployment guidance documentation,
  • Network impact assessments (in coordination with RFF) for States implementation and exemption plans.

A dedicated repository of the 8.33 Implementation Support Group deliverables, for all documentation and guidance material has been set up. Access to this 8.33 Implementation support Group One Sky Teams (OST) repository is open to air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airspace users, national regulatory bodies, etc. and is subject to registration.


Access conditions

The service is restricted to specific stakeholder groups.