18 November 2014
This edition of Hindsight is on “Safety and Automation” – a subject which I find particularly fascinating as it combines the advance of technology...
PDF icon Hindsight 20 - Winter 201413.1 MB
26 June 2014
Traffic in Europe is starting to grow again. 2014 is showing a clear increase in aircraft movements and the latest forecasts are for growth of about...
PDF icon Hindsight 19 - Summer 2014 (pdf)5.47 MB
20 December 2013
HindSight magazine devotes this special edition to the theme “Justice and Safety” as it addresses the essence of Just Culture concept. It explores...
PDF icon HindSight 18 - Winter 20135.85 MB
4 July 2013
Sending our families and friends to travel by air and worrying if their baggage will be lost or damaged or if they will arrive on time often without...
PDF icon HindSight 17 - Summer 20135.65 MB
17 December 2012
It is not uncommon for procedures and safety assurance calculations to assume a single performance value rather than a range within which the value...
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11 June 2012
Can training and everyday practice with normal operations provide the skills and knowledge to deal with the unexpected, unfamiliar, and very often...
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15 December 2011
How do we learn in aviation from our experience and from the experience of others? And, do we really learn the lessons? How many accidents happen to...
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19 May 2011
Fatigue, like alcohol and smoking, seriously affects us... there are studies which formally compare the effects of alcohol and fatigue on our...
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