5 February 2019
Welcome to Issue 28 of HindSight magazine.The theme of this issue is ‘Change’. Changes in aviation – in organisations, in industry and in society...
7 September 2018
Welcome to Issue 27 of HindSight magazine on the topic of ‘competency and expertise’. Our ability to work effectively depends on the competency and...
15 December 2017
Welcome to HindSight 26. This issue explores safety at the interfaces between functions, departments, professions, organisations, even countries...
PDF icon HindSight 26 - Winter 201714.8 MB
2 June 2017
This issue focuses on the potential gap between work-as-imagined and work-as-done. Foreword by Frank Brenner Editorial Greetings! , by Steven...
PDF icon HindSight 25 - Summer 20178.54 MB
6 December 2016
This issue focuses on preventing runway collisions and it includes: Keynote by Frank Brenner Editorial What I have tried to do , by Tzvetomir Blajev...
PDF icon HindSight 24 - Winter 201612.92 MB
1 June 2016
The articles in this issue provide a fascinating insight into what situational awareness is and how we can all improve our understanding of “what is...
PDF icon HindSight 23 - Summer 20163.56 MB
2 December 2015
This edition considers the range of tools, both airborne and on the ground that fall under the heading “safety nets”. Such systems do need to be...
PDF icon Hindsight 22 - Winter 201535.16 MB
15 June 2015
Abstract from Director General's keynote Workload affects us all and, as this edition highlights, many factors affect the workload of controllers and...
PDF icon Hindsight 21 - Summer 201516.64 MB