Safety publications

7 September 2018
Welcome to Issue 27 of HindSight magazine on the topic of ‘competency and expertise’. Our ability to work effectively depends on the competency and...
20 June 2018
In this issue of ACAS Bulletin we describe events caused primarily by technical anomalies associated with the traffic collision avoidance system (...
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7 May 2018
What is encounter modelling? In this issue of NetALERT, we reflect on the benefits of this methodology underlying most of today's safety net testing...
PDF icon NetALERT Newsletter 23 - May 20181.59 MB
24 April 2018
The first EVAIR Safety Bulletin of 2018 makes use of some 14,000 ATM reports from aircraft operators and air navigation service (ANSPs) for the...
PDF icon EVAIR Safety Bulletin N°195.78 MB
13 March 2018
For shift workers, fatigue and sleep debt can become difficult to cope with. We have designed this booklet to provide information on strategies that...
18 December 2017
This Airborne Collison Avoidance System (ACAS) Guide has been designed to support the understanding of the ACAS systems and the training of people...
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15 December 2017
Welcome to HindSight 26. This issue explores safety at the interfaces between functions, departments, professions, organisations, even countries...
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27 November 2017
In the crowded skies of core European airspace, pilots are often instructed by air traffic controllers to fly on a radar heading, climb/descend with...
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