System for traffic Assignment and Analysis at a Macroscopic level (SAAM)

Traffic and environment simulation system for operational planning

The System for traffic Assignment and Analysis at a Macroscopic level (SAAM) is an integrated system for network-wide or local design, evaluation, analysis and display of air traffic, civil/military airspace and TMA scenarios.

 SAAM is used for operational planning purposes to :

  • optimise strategic traffic flows,
  • design the route network and airspace
  • analyse past and future traffic flows,
  • and display and compare projects

 Read more on airspace modelling.


SAAMs’ main functionalities are:

  •  Airspace design (route network, RAD, sectors, military areas, SID/STAR…)
  • Calculation of 4D flight trajectories (shortest path, cheapest path, optimised path…)
  • Airspace analysis (loads, flight efficiency, route charges, queries, fuel consumption/gas emission …)
  •  Simple ATC simulation (CAPAN-like tool)
  • Airspace visualisation & 3D animations (GIS map prints, movies, presentations …)

Addressed user needs

  • Create a new route
  • Implement Free Route in my airspace
  • Know the impact on national traffic  and route charges of RAD restrictions
  • Print a poster displaying my route network
  • Present my airspace design proposal with a 3D movie to facilitate management decision
  • Calculate the extra mileage, fuel consumption and gaz emission (Co2, Nox) generated by airspace closure
  • Assess quickly the controller workload for a given sector


SAAM delivers:

  • Simulation of Europe-wide airspace structures for any AIRAC date (past and future)
  • Assessment of individual airspace design projects (cost/benefit analysis, environmental impact)
  • Flight 4D trajectories
  • Charts, GIS map prints, 3D movies and presentations
  • Support to FABs strategic planning
  • Support to Flight Efficiency

Access conditions

Upon Subscription product:

  1. Access EUROCONTROL One Sky Online (
  2. Select "Subscribe for online services" and select DDR2. You will be prompted to accept the licence agreement
  3. The request will be processed by EUROCONTROL DNM/OPL and access (including level of access) might be granted.
  4. Access DDR2 home page and select "Tools Download" tab
  5. Select SAAM, download the package and install it.
  6. Further details on the registration procedure can be found here

Eurocontrol reserves the right to grant, limit or disable access to DDR2, data and tools.

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