23 August 2018
This document contains the ATS Route Network ARN Version 2018 - 2019/22 Catalogue of Airspace Projects as Part 2 of the European Route Network...
22 August 2018
In accordance with the EC Regulation 1035/2011, Annex 1 part 2.2.2 & part 9, EAD is tasked with the production of the EAD Annual Plan on its...
PDF icon EAD Annual Plan 2018140.92 KB
22 August 2018
This report covers EAD’s financial results as well as its operational performance and other significant activities and developments, particularly in...
PDF icon EAD Annual Report 20174.57 MB
16 August 2018
Operational data received directly from airlines describing delays from all-causes for Q1 2018 showed that there was a significant increase in delays...
PDF icon CODA Digest Q1 20184.99 MB
15 August 2018
This document describes the application of ASTERIX to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Identification messages. They are used to transmit an...
14 August 2018
2017 was expected to see strong traffic growth in the European network and this assumption was borne out. 2017’s traffic sustained the biggest annual...